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Warsaw's best food markets

The new Polish gastronomic wave has its epicenter in Warsaw, where the restaurant scene and local produce are better and more varied than ever before. Join the wave at the best local food markets.

At Warsaw's food markets, you meet cooks, foodies and food writers, as well as everyday Poles on their daily shopping trip. The city's markets have resisted both the aftermath of communism and incursion of the hypermarket, and are a natural part of everyday life for both the wealthy and the less well-off. In these markets, you can find an impressive and inspiring selection of vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, cheeses, fish and much more, and, regardless of whether you want edible souvenirs, a punnet of strawberries to eat in the park or to buy food for dinner, the market is the most entertaining of places.

Here we profile some of our favorites

Photo: Lise Hannibal

An organic market with locally sourced specialties

The organic market in Forteca Kregliccy opened its doors 3 years ago, and was something unique in Warsaw at the time. The market is located in a rotunda in the city's old curtain wall, where local organic producers and the city's gastronomy entrepreneurs sample products and exchange kisses. Everything from vegetables to goat cheese, bread, pastries and fruit liqueurs are produced and sold in limited quantities, so if you want something in particular, you need to get there early. Don’t miss Mleczna Droga's yogurts, Zeby Kozka's silky soft goat cheese and Cala W Mace’s pop-up with delicious bread and pastries.

Forteca Kregliccy

Zakroczymska 12, Warszawa

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Kun onsdag, åbent 8-15.

Hala Mirowska. Photo: Lise Hannibal

The big, historic market

Located in the center of Warsaw, Hala Mirowska is one of the city's biggest markets, and has excellent Polish seasonal produce such as cabbage, potatoes, asparagus, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, fermented, salted and pickled sausages, mushrooms, nuts and unusual eggs such as goose eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs. You can also find exotic items such as mini bananas, mango, papaya and pitayas. The market is located in and around a beautiful, old renovated market hall from 1905 with its recently refurbished sister building Hala Gwardii next door. The building used to be home to a boxing club, but is now developing into a street food market that is open at weekends.

Hala Mirowska

Plac Mirowski 1, Warszawa

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ma-fre 7-20, lø 7-18, sø lukket.

Hala Koszyki. Photo: Lise Hannibal

Torvhallerne, but with fine street food

Hala Koszyki is Warsaw's answer to Torvehallerne, but with a greater emphasis on eating and in a more beautiful, historic building. Here you will find gourmet restaurants and high-end street food with Vietnamese and Indian cuisine, sushi and Mexican, prepared cocktails, a beer hall and much more besides. There are also stands with wine, cheese, delicacies, an incredibly delicious butcher and a well-stocked supermarket on the floor below. You can even buy a cookbook to take home from the bookstore. If the weather is good, you can sit on a bench outside.

Hala Koszyki

Koszykowa 63, Warszawa

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